About Us

We are a Veterinary Support Organization that acquires, invests in, and partners with leading veterinarians throughout the Midwest.

Services Offered

Veterinarians can focus on the clinical side of the business while Heartland Veterinary Partners does the rest. 

We recognize that patient care is of the highest importance to our partner veterinarians. Our support services free our partner veterinarians from the day-to-day burdens of running a business so they can focus on patient care. As part of our commitment, we help our partner veterinarians to share best practices and to collectively achieve attractive economies of scale resulting in improved efficiency and profitability while lowering operational risks.

Specifically, our experienced team can assist with the following:


  • Recruiting &
    Human Resources
    Recruiting & Human Resources

    Our recruiting & human resources team helps ensure all open positions and employment needs are filled with the best available candidates. Our team also helps manage compensation, benefits, employee relations, ethics, development, training, and staffing related issues.

  • Marketing /
    Community Outreach
    Marketing /
    Patient Outreach

    Our marketing team assists our partner practices with growing their businesses through targeted new patient solicitation and localized branding and outreach initiatives. These efforts enhance practice revenue generation and help expand a practice’s patient base.

  • Procurement

    Our procurement team maintains relationships with the largest supply partners in the industry. Our team ensures practices are able to access the highest quality products available, place timely orders, and receive new products and supplies in an efficient manner.

  • Payables Management
    Payables Management

    Our billing & collections team manages all cash collections and payments for our partner practices. Our team manages and ensures that all unpaid invoices are paid and accounts receivable balances are collected on a timely basis.

  • Accounting & Finance
    Accounting & Finance

    Our accounting & finance team helps monitor ongoing financial controls and systems used in the development and creation of financial statements. Our team will handle the preparation of all appropriate tax returns and other required filings.

  • Information Technology
    Information Technology

    Our information technology team works with partner practices to ensure computer hardware and software are of the highest standard to maximize the patient experience. Our team strives to add operating efficiencies to each of our partner practices.