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About Move for Mental Wellness

Move for Mental Wellness is a month-long voluntary virtual event beginning May 1, 2022, across all Heartland practices to highlight the critical link between physical and mental wellness.

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On May 4, the event will begin with a virtual kick-off event.

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Beginning May 8, there will be two consecutive “Movement Weeks” to promote the physical wellness component of the event.


camera iconParticipants may choose to participate individually or as a team, and they may choose their form of movement and document the completion. (Aka: Snap a selfie!)

upload iconActivities can be decided by the participant and count as participation as long as it’s documented! The participant then uploads their movement here on the microsite.

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The movement weeks conclude on May 21.

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Receive a raffle ticket for every submission you make to the gallery. Redeem these tickets for your chance to win prizes!


Registration opens


Kick-Off Virtual Event

12pm – 1pm CST


Movement Weeks


Celebratory Lunch & Learn with Dr. Melanie Goble from NOMV

12pm – 1pm CST

What are the goals of this event?

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Increase team member awareness of the connection between physical and mental wellness.

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Increase team member understanding of where and how to access mental wellness support.

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Foster collective community through the common goal of all practices supporting mental wellness through physical activity.

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Increase awareness of organizations in the veterinary industry who support and advocate for team members’ mental wellness.

Wellness Resources

Explore our library of wellness resources by clicking on your desired category on the Wellness Wheel.

About the Wellness Wheel

This Wellness Wheel is a representation that shows how all aspects of our lives can impact our overall wellness at any given time. For example, giving all of our energy to our work can cause our mental, physical and spiritual health to suffer, and will create imbalance in our “wheel.” In order to make overall wellness a priority and to create a balanced “wheel,” it is our objective as an organization to provide tools that can support you in all areas of your life.

Wellness Wheel

Click for Resources.


All Move for Mental Wellness event registrants are automatically entered into a raffle to win amazing prizes! Raffle tickets are awarded in two ways:


Registering for the Move for Mental Wellness Event grants you one ticket.


Additional tickets are awarded to participation gallery uploads. Each time a participant uploads, they are given an additional ticket.

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Event FAQs

Still have some questions? If our FAQ didn’t quite cover them, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Is participation mandatory?

No, participation is completely voluntary.

How can we participate?

You can participate as a group, as a whole practice team, individually, or a combination of all three. Even with other practices.

* Be mindful at the practice level some individuals may not want to do the group events — no pressure.

What kind of activities can we do?

  • RDOs will have a resource kit of ideas to discuss with their teams.
  • Any kind of movement would count. In reality, some of your practices may already be doing things that support physical and mental wellness, either intentionally or not.
  • After April 4th, resources will also be posted on the microsite and sent via email to registrants.

How do we show our participation and communicate during the event?

Once you have registered on the microsite, you can submit a picture (AKA selfie) to the Microsite. We will also have a HVP email specific for the event: [email protected]

If I have an idea for a team activity who should I talk to?

Please speak with your Practice Manager or Regional Director of Operations.

How can I tell how many tickets I have?

You receive a single ticket for every upload you make to the gallery and for registration. (For example, registering and five uploads to the gallery gives you six raffle tickets.)

Veterinary Specific Organizations

Not One More Vet (NOMV) logo

About NOMV

NOMV is the leader in veterinary mental health and advocates to transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support. NOMV provides the necessary support to all members of veterinary teams and students who are struggling or considering suicide. Learn more…

VIN Foundation logo

About the VIN Foundation

The VIN Foundation is a team of humans passionate about supporting the veterinary community and the animals we love by providing resources. These resources help veterinarians thrive so they can help animals and those who care for them. Each resource is available to all veterinarians and veterinary students at no cost and is regularly updated with the most current information. Learn more…

For questions about the event, resources that would be helpful, or for help navigating the microsite please email [email protected].

Important Contacts for Times of Crisis