Sell your practice. Keep your practice’s magic.

Whether you’re looking toward retirement or eager to spend more time caring for animals, partnering with Heartland can feel like a breath of fresh air. Let us help you decide what’s right for your specific needs.
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Why partner with Heartland? Ask the doctors who already have.

The veterinarians who’ve made the decision to sell their practices to Heartland are our best advocates. Here’s a glimpse of a few doctors whose lives have improved since partnering with us.

The Partnership

Doctors who partner with us have some things in common.

No two practices are identical, but we’ve found that most selling partners share a few values and points of view:

I care about my team and my practice's legacy.

I don't need to be told how to practice medicine.

I'm wary of going corporate.

My peers are a trusted source of info.

Who I sell my practice to matters.

If you relate to those perspectives, selling your practice may not be as out of reach as you think.

Your vision comes first, now and forever.

Whether you’re planning for retirement or want to devote more time to animals, we’ll ensure that the practice’s clinical decisions are in your hands. The way you practice medicine, the culture you’ve created, and your place in the community don’t need to change.

Even if you’re not ready to sell, we’re here to listen.

We understand that determining the right time to sell your practice is no small decision, and we’re always happy to field questions without pressure.