Could selling your practice help it thrive? Here’s how to decide.

Only you can decide if you’re ready to sell your veterinary practice, but we put together a little guide based on what we’ve learned from partnering doctors.

Doctors who partner with us have some things in common.

No two practices are identical, but we’ve found that most selling partners share a few values and points of view:

I care about my team and my practice's legacy.

I don't need to be told how to practice medicine.

I'm wary of going corporate.

My peers are a trusted source of info.

Who I sell my practice to matters.

If you relate to those perspectives, selling your practice may not be as out of reach as you think.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself


How is my work-life balance?

If you’re burned out from working around the clock to keep up with the demands of ownership, it may be time for a change.


Could my employees benefit from change?

If you’d like to offer better benefits or career advancement, selling could create greater opportunities for them.

vet with dog


Would I like to spend more time caring for pets?

Do you feel like managerial burdens are eating into time that would be better spent working with animals? We can help.


Is the future of my practice secure?

Whether you want to grow your business or better serve your clients, we’ll help you develop a plan to bring your goals to life.

Even if you’re not ready to sell, we’re here to listen.

We understand that determining the right time to sell your practice is no small decision, and we’re always happy to field questions without pressure.