More than a new job. The next step in your veterinary career.

When you join the Heartland family, whether it’s as a veterinarian or a member of our Support Center, you join a passionate team that’s committed to helping pets and their people.

Find your forever home with the Heartland family.

Joining a Heartland practice as a veterinarian means gaining a network of friendly faces and valuable tools. Take a closer look at our doctor-first company culture.

Heartland Careers

A few perks of practicing with Heartland.



We help our DVMs hone their craft in a safe, supportive environment.

choose your setting

Choose Your Setting

Our practices are located in many states across the country with diverse settings and focuses.

Work-Life Balance

Vets have lives outside of the practice, and we never lose sight of that.



Our comprehensive benefits package is built around improving the lives of doctors.

A healthy, happy practice starts with healthy, happy vets.

The wellness of our team comes first. In addition to the standard benefits we offer, we try to provide solutions that meet individual needs, such as giving team members flexibility when they need it most.

Seeking vets who are passionate about people and pets.

Heartland is dedicated to helping veterinarians become their best selves, and our recruiters are always happy to discuss your goals. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love to chat about taking your career to the next level.

Join our Support Center to help the people who help animals.

As a veterinary technician, you can lend a helping hand. And a caring heart.

If you love being in the thick of it, we’ve got a spot for you. Veterinary technicians are the lifeblood of our practices, and we do everything we can to show them just how much we appreciate them.

There are some things about being a vet you don’t learn in school.

Real-life experience is crucial for aspiring DVMs, and we love helping students who are seeking veterinary careers, whether it’s through externships, mentorship, or other resources.

Looking for more info? Let’s talk.

If you have questions about joining the Heartland team, or if you’re just looking for more information, feel free to reach out. That thing they say about curiosity and cats? Not true.